The Paleo a.k.a “Caveman” Diet

Let’s Talk About The Paleo Diet What’s up, my health conscious people? If you have been following the previous blog, you know that we have a series of blogs discussing popularized diets such as the keto and the mediterranean diet. In this blog we will explain the definition, pros, and cons of the Paleo diet. Continue reading “The Paleo a.k.a “Caveman” Diet”

What Started Out As a 90-Day Challenge

What Started Out As a 90-Day Challenge & Self-Guided Study, Transitioned into a Lifestyle; 5 Years Later 🌿💪🏾😤.As we close out the month of July, I can’t go without posting about this month being my 5th year anniversary of being plantbased 🌿🎉🙌🏾.I initially started out as a raw vegan for a little over 90 days straight, curious to see how muchContinue reading “What Started Out As a 90-Day Challenge”