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Let’s Take A Trip To The Mediterranean…Diet

What’s going on my health conscious people? If you have been following our blogs recently, you know that we are ending our series of popular diets with the long awaited Mediterranean Diet. Of the diets that have been discussed during this series, the Mediterranean is the least restrictive diet because there are technically no rules…

The Paleo a.k.a “Caveman” Diet

Let’s Talk About The Paleo Diet What’s up, my health conscious people? If you have been following the previous blog, you know that we have a series of blogs discussing popularized diets such as the keto and the mediterranean diet. In this blog we will explain the definition, pros, and cons of the Paleo diet. …

The Keto Diet…What Is It?

“What do you think about the Keto Diet?”  As a Health Coach, I frequently get asked what I think about specific diets and health trends. Other times, I get asked about the quickest and most effective way to lose weight or gain muscle. If you have been keeping up with my blogs, you’d notice my…

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