About Nelnutrition ™ LLC.

elnutrition™ is a lifestyle based brand, founded on the principles of self love and self care. Our mission is to promote a natural and holistic lifestyle.

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We take a holistic approach to inspire, coach, and educate our clients on ways to achieve optimal and lasting health by addressing any imbalances caused by their diet, environment, or lifestyle, such as dry skin, improper nutrition, stress, poor sleep quality, or a lack of exercise.

We also have a natural product line, ATANDI Naturals ™, for the health conscious individuals who look for and can appreciate products with natural and simple ingredients to add to their hair and skin care routine.

NelNutrition vending table with body butters and hair and beard oils.
Our Vending Table During the Official Launch & Celebration of NelNutrition™ LLC and it’s Natural Product Line, ATANDI Naturals ™.

At ATANDI Naturals ™, all of our products are handcrafted and made with A Touch of All Natural and Divine Ingredients ® which is what “ATANDI” stands for. Our products are made for all skin types and consist of whipped body butters, hair and beard oils, and skin salves. Very soon, we will be offering baby skin care products and a travel essential skin care kit!

So, when you’re ready to take the journey towards a more natural and healthy lifestyle, come check us out. We’ll be happy to serve you!

Coaching Services

  • Coach and educate clients on how to achieve and sustain healthy habits as part of a daily routine that includes eating healthy, exercising, managing triggers and reducing stress, maintaining healthy relationships, and more.
  • Empower clients to achieve optimal and lasting health by addressing any imbalances caused by improper nutrition, a stressful lifestyle, poor sleep quality, a lack of exercise, and more.
  • Educate clients on how to identify and change any sources of ill health.
  • Create strategies for identifying healthy environments and start a support program to help clients in reaching their personal wellness objectives.

Meet the Owner

Robert J Nelson, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Coach, and Prenatal Fitness Specialist.

What’s going on, my Health Conscious People! I’m Rob, Founder and Owner of Nelnutrition ™ LLC. First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to visit my page and learn more about myself and, of course, your health! I am an AFPA Certified Holistic Health Coach, which combines a certified Holistic Nutritionist, as well as a certified Health & Wellness Coach. Most recently, I became certified as a Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Specialist.

I began my health conscious journey back in 2015, when I challenged myself to go raw-vegan for 90 days after I could not seem to lose my stubborn belly (visceral) fat. I played sports all of my life (track, football, and wrestling), however, even with these cardio and strength building sports, my terrible diet did not allow me to see the hard work in the gym that I had put in.

Therefore, I made a commitment to myself to eat mindfully and see what effects, if any, a plant based diet would have on my body. Through trial and error, and staying consistent with my diet and workouts, I was able to lose 30 pounds in three months (12 pounds within my first week)… I couldn’t believe it! I was the most fit that I’ve EVER been in my ENTIRE life. See my blog to read more.….

90 Days of a Raw Vegan Diet, Transitioned to a Plant-Based Lifestyle.

Since then, I’ve helped countless individuals and their families to achieve their health and fitness goals, which then improved their personal and professional lives as well. As a result, this health conscious journey had ultimately led me to answer my higher calling to become a health and wellness professional, ultimately, creating Nelnutrition ™ LLC.

In Health,


“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.”

-Ayurvedic proverb