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According to the CDC, over 42% of adults and 19% (14.4 million) of children & adolescents in the US are obese? Because of this, our vision is to lead a nation of children and adults to a lifestyle free of obesity and lifestyle-based chronic diseases, such as heart and lung diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetes. To begin, we’d like to extend our nutritional services to inner city youth, who like myself as a child, lacked the knowledge and resources to understand the importance of developing good eating habits and living an overall healthy lifestyle, early on. If you believe in our vision, please consider donating at least $10 towards developing the proper nutritional meals, presentations, and advice for our youth, as depicted in the picture. Thank you so much for your donations!


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“Professional, Welcoming, Genuine”

The services are brilliant! I really enjoyed working with Nelnutrition. A very professional, welcoming, genuine, and humble man. Highly recommend!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Very Knowledgeable”

Nelnutrition is very knowledgeable and able to break down the importance of nutritional benefits to new comers. Label reading has helped me become more aware of the sodium I consume. Very Grateful!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Changed Our Lives for the Better”

Prior to seeking nutritional advice, my family and I had trouble maintaining our weight, issues with high blood pressure and were generally interested in learning more about our daily nutritional needs. Since working with Nelnutrition, we are all extremely happy with our results. I have learned how to maintain my weight by identifying what nutrients were missing from my diet, my mom was able to lower her A1C levels and my dad now has normal blood pressure readings. Nelnutrition has changed our lives for the better and we couldn’t be more grateful! 


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