The Paleo a.k.a “Caveman” Diet

Let’s Talk About The Paleo Diet What’s up, my health conscious people? If you have been following the previous blog, you know that we have a series of blogs discussing popularized diets such as the keto and the mediterranean diet. In this blog we will explain the definition, pros, and cons of the Paleo diet. Continue reading “The Paleo a.k.a “Caveman” Diet”

Tasty Dessert Recipes for this Year’s Thanksgiving Dinner Table 😋

This moist cake is full of soft carrots and warm spices. All the flavor, without the fat and calories from traditional recipes! Enjoy the best of both worlds if you are a vegan and love sweets, with this vegan pumpkin pie! This Apple Crisp recipe is gluten and dairy-free and sweetened with just maple syrup.Continue reading “Tasty Dessert Recipes for this Year’s Thanksgiving Dinner Table 😋”

Panamá Es Paradise ☀️🌴🤩🇵🇦

Hola mi personas consciente de la salud! Bienvenida a Panamá 😎☀️🌴 Bottom line up front- if you have never been to Panama before, I highly recommend you scheduling your visit NOW! In my opinion, this underrated paradise will leave you in awe, as it did for me during my first visit to this beautiful Central American country in July 2021.