Preparing for Summer: Wellness Edition

green trees and summer leaves with sunshine peaking through

As we approach the “unofficial start to Summer” and have reached the end of Mental Health Awareness month, there are a few good tips that I’d like to share that may be helpful to you and your loved ones. During this time of the year, many of us begin to plan our summer travel, connect with family and friends, have BBQs, cookouts, and so much more. As we engage in these summer season activities, we need to keep a few things in mind. Here are a few tips to help.


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· Plan. Planning activities may include an itinerary for your trip, when to pack/ coming up with a packing list, driving directions and parking, finding childcare/eldercare, identifying local health/wellness resources, etc. Being unprepared can create unnecessary safety concerns and undue stress.

· Everything in moderation. Remember, too much of anything can be harmful to our health. This includes food, alcohol, sun, stacking too many activities into one vacation, overexerting yourself, etc. Overusing or overindulging for short or long periods can, and likely will, cause health problems, now and in the future.

· Take necessary precautions. Use a sun block that works best for your skin, check out hotel security, pay attention to your surroundings, and research local health care options. Being cautious adds to security and safety, which in turn, will make room for you to enjoy your summer fun. 

· Slow down. Summer travel is almost synonymous with summer traffic. Drive at moderate speeds to help save lives, including your own as well as your families’. For some reason, we always find ourselves in a rush to get to any given destination. So for this purpose, plan ahead and leave early. That way, you can drive carefully and take in the beautiful summer sights along the way. 

· Seek out discounts. You should take advantage of all the discounts out there (within reason and if it makes financial sense to do so), of all your favorite summer activities (theme parks, aquariums, museums, zoos, etc.). Do some research to reduce the cost of your already planned trip, which will help reduce cost, and in turn reduce overall stress. In addition to discounts, there are usually free activities in your hometown or travel destination that can be sought after as well!

· Watch your money. Summer vacation purchases can be pricy, and similar to spending around the holidays. Have a budget in mind and do your best to stick to it. Oftentimes, people get caught up in the moment and over extend themselves and finances, which can create a lot of stress once everything is said and done, and you are ready to pay your statement. A good financial tip is to withdraw the exact amount of cash you think you would need to spend for the day.

· Get a physical exam. If you’re planning to participate in activities that require physical exertion and it’s been some time since you’ve met with your doctor, get a physical examination. Make sure that you’re healthy enough to participate in your planned activities.

· Have fun! After all, this is what summer is all about right?! I know… I shouldn’t have to say it. However, some people get so caught up in the planning and safety process that they forget to have fun while they’re there. Take lots of pictures, laugh even more, and cherish every moment!

We hope this helps you better prepare this year! Have a great and fun-filled summer 😎☀️

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