The Journey to Thirty & 20 Things I’ve Learned in My 20s

It has officially been one full month of being 30, and I think I have almost fully embraced it. Looking back as I approached the last few days of my 20s, I sat and reflected on 20 things that I’ve learned in my 20s. If you can relate or can add to my list, please feel free to add those lessons in the comments below!

Goodbye 20s ✌🏾 Hello 30s! 😁

1. Start scared. 

2. Find yourself before you find someone else. 

3. Love yourself unconditionally and be true to who you are. 

4. Don’t project your past traumas on others. 

5. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

6. Be intentional.

7. Their opinion of you never mattered. 

8. Invest more into yourself: i.e. life insurance, stocks, and education.

9. Take advantage of your alone time; It’s okay to be in solitude.

10. Take your mental health more seriously; See a therapist sooner. 

11. Protect your peace by any means. 

12. Surround yourself around good energy only. 

13. Remember, you will never get three things back in life: Time, opportunity and the words you speak. 

14. Live in the moment and enjoy your youth. You will never get your youth back; Work will ALWAYS be there.

15. A little bit of confidence goes a long way. 

16. Not everyone has your best interest.

17. Remain humble and keep your sense of humor.

18. Anything that’s natural doesn’t need to be forced. 

19. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice. 

20. Stay prayed up and always be thankful!

I look forward to seeing what this next decade will bring. So, to those of you who are in, or have already experienced, your thirties, please drop any bit of advice my way. Here’s to thirty!

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