PHILLY (1 oz)

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What better way to punctuate your outfit or fresh haircut than with our PHILLY Hair & Beard Oil. This subtle, yet bold fresh scent is what your arsenal of fragrances has been missing. Perfect for any special occasion or for everyday use, this oil will be the finishing touch that sets the tone.

Made with Rosehip and Jojoba oils, which are rich in antioxidants, and great for reversing hyperpigmentation, sun damage, the signs of aging, stretch marks, and scars. Jojoba oil resembles the natural sebum (oil) of our skin, so it doesn’t clog pores. It is also rich in iodine, which fights harmful bacteria growth that leads to breakouts.


Ingredients: Jojoba oil, Argan oil, Rosehip oil, Vitamin E, fragrance.

Made with 100% Pure Carrier Oils. Alcohol and Phthalate free.

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8 reviews for PHILLY (1 oz)

  1. Al

    This beard oil is the best on the market !! Keeps my beard moisturized, shining and smelling good all day. And I’ve noticed the health growth over the past few months. Got a lifetime customer right here !! Keep it coming.

  2. The Pineal Room Infinite Healing Light

    NelNutrition oils are not only hair growers, sweet smelling and captivating oils, but they will take you places around the globe. The ladies love the scent when I wear the oils. As for my hair, I am getting real growth. Shedding stops. My hair is darker. I have fortified your oils with sea moss and it turned out to be a real hair growing food. I want to share the hair growing journey with this new batch I bought. I had to put my friends SmokGad and Devin Venezuela on. I have more people that will definitely get hooked to the magic. Thank you Nelnutrition and Atandi.

  3. Mike Berbick

    This is my favorite beard oil to use out of any product on the market. It leaves my beard feeling moisturized and smelling really fresh. It’s my go to for date nights and outings. It’s aroma is sweet but not overbearing and it still has the fresh undertone to it. I repurchase this one everytime I run out. Highly recommended.

  4. Francisco

    NelNutrition oil has definitely helped me with my flaky scalp and beard! Also gives a great shine and the smell adds a nice touch as well. Thanks NelNutrition now I’m not worried about flakes falling when I get those beard massages!

  5. DeeJay

    Great product, make hair grow thick and strong. The fragrance is outstanding!!!

  6. Micah B

    This is one of the best products I’ve had by far. This will definitely be my go to beard oil from now on!!

  7. Macquan Higgin

    This is my go-to beard oil from this line. Philly is a beard oil that has such a rich and vibrant fragrance to it. I usually use it right before bed with my nightly skincare routine. I also use it whenever I’m going out and I get a lot of compliments on the scent when I’m greeted with a hug. It’s undeniably irresistible while getting the job done with locking in moisture to the skin under your facial hair. I would recommend this to any guy who wants to make an impression and also visibly thicken or increase the volume of their beard

  8. Kristin

    The scent is absolutely intoxicating, just run and buy it now!! I’d literally give it 10 stars if I could

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