ATANDI Naturals ™

ATANDI Naturals ™

Welcome to ATANDI Naturals ™ by Nelnutrition™

At ATANDI Naturals ™, all of our products are handcrafted and made with

A Touch of All Natural and Divine Ingredients ®.

ATANDI Naturals’ ™ products are made for all skin types, and are for individuals who seek products with natural and simple ingredients to add to their hair and skin care routine.

Our products consist of whipped body butters, hair & beard oils, and skin salves. Very soon, we will be offering baby skin care products and a travel essentials skin care kit!

You may have noticed that most of our products were named after major cities or countries. This signifies our passion for traveling, as well as our family’s cultural background. For example:

-Being of Jamaican decent (our Jamaican Mango Body Butter).

-Being inspired by the deep roots of Tulsa (our Tulsa Hair & Beard Oil).

-Or the beautiful paradise of Panama (our Panama Passion Body Butter).

 So as you find ways to live a more natural and holistic lifestyle, take action and allow our products to assist you in achieving that optimal and lasting health, “from the skin to within!”

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