I Am, Because of Her, & She’s My Reason Why ❤️

A moment of appreciation goes to this woman here, who motivates me beyond measure 💕 I am who l am today because of her. My love, my ambition, my drive, and my empathy and passion towards helping others is derived from this woman here. She did everything she could to ensure that I had the best childhood, education, and brightest of future as I grew up in a tough environment. She moved from Jamaica to the US to ensure a bright future and great education for me. She always kept me grounded, humble, and taught me to respect others, despite their differences. 

My mom, whom you see in this picture, passed away without warning when I was 16. In brief, she died from health related conditions. Ever since her death, I oftentimes felt guilty that I didn’t wake up sooner that Saturday morning to check on her well-being. I felt guilty that I never checked in with her that Friday night when I came home late to let her know that I was back home and safe… Guilty that I didn’t do enough to help her improve her health.

I always wished that I did more. You know, the obvious things like walking with her to increase her exercise; eating more greens with her to improve her heart health and blood pressure; and talking to her more to notice when she was sad and stressed, and to see the heavy cries that she always hid from me behind her warm and beautiful smile, so that I wouldn’t worry about her. During those days, my young naïve self always assumed that my mom would live forever and ever, regardless of her health.

As I grew older, I made a commitment to myself that I would no longer blame myself for her death. Instead, I would flawlessly execute the life lessons that she had instilled in me during the first 16 years of my life. I made a commitment to be my best self and make the absolute best out of life and all that it has to offer, just as she would have wanted me to do. & Most importantly, I made a commitment to myself to do everything in my power to help others in life to improve their overall health and wellness, and ensuring that another person doesn’t lose their loved one from a health related condition.

So became Nelnutrition 🌿 Decades in the making, but finally allowing it as my purpose and passion to take control of me. I want to use my knowledge and resources to lead a nation towards better health, and I thank my mom for that. 

I am because of her, and she’s my reason why 💕

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